Agent 76 (Real Name: Ulysses Kyle Sadler) is a Male Inkling, and the inksona of a small Splattuber called KSPTexan.

He is nicknamed "76" and "KT".

Appearance Edit

76 is a Dark Blue-inked (Black-inked when on missions) Inkling with white skin and grey eyes. He wears a Special Forces Beret, 18K Aviators, a Level 1 Armored Hoodie, Octarian Knee Straps, and a pair of (SP1) Armor Boots.

No casual attire has been shown...yet.

Personality Edit

He is a tough patriot with hard work ethic, a perfectionist and an intelligent fighter. He can stay cool under high pressure and multitask.

Backstory Edit

His amino profile says:

"Hailing from the great US state of Texas, KT has always dreamed of making a name for himself and traveling the world. Not much is known about his early years besides the following three facts: He moved to Inkopolis sometime during highschool, was best known for his hard work ethic and constant drive for perfection, and he was one of the smartest and most athletic graduates of his class.

It is unknown when he joined the Squidbeak Splatoon, all that is known is he joined after a few years in Inkopolis and he joined alongside his brother, known as Agent 22. 76 quickly ascended the ranks thanks to his ability to stay cool under pressure and multitask. His baptism by fire came at a battle only known as “Raid 251” where he had to keep his injured brother safe and fend off waves of Octarians.

Today, Agent 76 is one of the founding members and leader of Special Response Squad-0, better known as The Black Berets. When not fighting alongside his brother and squad mates, he can be seen working with Marina to develop new technologies for other Agents.

As for the future, Agent 76 plans to stay in the Squidbeak Splatoon until he is confident in The Black Berets ability to fight. One he leaves, he plans to move back to Texas."

Abilities Edit

  • Because he works out, he is more agile than most inklings. He can also stay cool under high pressure. On top of that, he can superjump at supersonic speeds and is immune to hypoxia.

Weaponry Edit

  • He likes to use Tetra Dualies both as an Agent and for turf wars.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Despite his superior physical abilities, he still shares the basic weaknesses of all inklings.

Friends Edit

  • The other Agents of the Squidbeak Splatoon, in particular, Agents 22, Y, and Z.

Enemies Edit

  • Octarians still loyal to Octavio.

Frenemies Edit

  • Agent 22. (Only as a friendly rivalry)

Likes Edit

  • God, family, and country.

Dislikes Edit

  • Failure.

Hates Edit

  • Unknown.

Fears Edit

  • Unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • His agent number, 76, is a reference to 1776, the year the United States declared its independence from Britain.
  • No one knows where the "T" in his nickame "KT" comes from.
  • His initials are "US", a reference to the United States.
  • Ulysses Kyle Sadler is NOT KSPTexan's actual name.
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