Alex Spider is a Male Inkling, and the inksona of a Squidtuber of the same name.


He is a neon green Inkling with green eyes. He wears a green Paintball Mask,Olive Ski Jacket (Green-Painted) and Neon Sea Slugs (Green-Painted).


He used to be a loner. But he had a somewhat heroic spirit. When he saved the day, shortly after he vanishes. This means that for strange reasons he preferred to be alone (like TheExtremeGamer sometimes is).

That changed the day he was nearly killed by Dark Squid's forces... with the help of Agent Blue and Orange.

Since that day, he is what he is today: Friendly and Energetic.


He is seen very often battling with Splatlings. Although he has switched to the Hydra Splatling, he still sometimes uses a Heavy Splatling and a pair of Splash-O-Matics.



  • Dark Squid
  • Shadow Squid
  • D.O.S.A. (The "Dark Octo-Squid Army")
  • Green-yellow inkling
  • Anyone that hurts his friends.


  • He's one of the few Inklings with human voices that still live on to this day. (He seems to have Ellis' voice and some personality traits of him.)
  • He was sometimes seen without his mask. But he always takes it off when he is drinking/eating.
  • Alex Spider lives in North Carolina, the same state RudyOctokidGamerVA lives in, but never met her in person yet.
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