AlonsoCardenas1102 is a Green Inkling, and one of BradSega and TheExtremeGamer's (New) allies.


He is a Green Inkling with blue eyes. He wears a pair of Cyan Trainers, a White Tee, and a Green Takoroka Mesh.


He's a happy Inkling, he loves to care of his friends, protecting everyone and having adventures.

Backstory (Real Life)

He was a kid (back in 2017) who dreamed about making friends, and when he saw some Splatoon people in the community, he decided to join the community, throughout the days he made lots of friends, until he met Emily Mason. He was in love with her, until he saw that Jay was with her, but soon they started to become friends and now boyfriend and girlfriend. XDMario gave him a green hero jacket, and that's how he became a new and special friend in the Splatoon community.


He uses the Splat Dualies and (strangely) a KeyBlade.


  • Ice Powers
  • Superform
  • Dark Superform
  • Super Hyper Form: Only triggered when he is enraged/sees one of his friends hurt.
  • For a reason, he has most of Shadow the Hedgehog's abilities (Chaos Punch, Kick, Heal, Sphere and Chaos Control).....


  • Somewhat like TexG, he's emotionally fragile. He gets saddened remembering his past and losing one of his friends.
  • He doesn't like feeling alone, unlike TexG. TexG likes to be alone (just in real life) because he was bullied a lot and he doesn't prefer people he doesn't know.


  • XDMario
  • Emily Mason (CuteYoshiLover2018) (Girlfriend)
  • Jay (2nd Girlfriend)
  • Dominick (Brother)
  • Agent-Hero
  • SeanTheInkling
  • Alpha Swan
  • Huntrex
  • Erhu1234 (Erik)
  • RudyOctokidGamerVA
  • Twisty-N-Spindle
  • Lostfires
  • Lenny-Feret
  • Brian
  • JH
  • Ophelia
  • Ben
  • Jason
  • John
  • Ninian
  • Iris
  • Pinkie Octarian
  • Melina
  • TBM
  • Kellen
  • Rasmus
  • Luke Salmen
  • Tyler
  • Tasha
  • Callie
  • Marie
  • Pearl
  • Marina


  • DJ Octavio
  • Black Hiver
  • Crimson
  • Segador
  • Cyber
  • Lord Arko
  • Demigra
  • Towa
  • Zero
  • Dark Squid


  • The 1st Splatoon Legend he knew about is REX Legend (now sadly gone...)
  • He has a notable love to Pokemon. His favorite Pkm. Partner is Pikachu (Obviously everyone loves Pikachu, right?)
  • He is a Gamer like TexG.
  • He was born on November 2nd, 2002.
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