Brian Jackson II (BJ for short) is a Male Inkling, and the former Inksona of the splanimator and artist of the same name.


Brian Jackson is a Black Inkling Boy with Brown Skin and Purple Eyes. He wears an unzipped black hoodie (with a dark purple polo shirt underneath), tight shorts, and a pair of Moto Boots.


BJ is known as the self-proclaimed richest Inkling in Richard Drive. He usually is known as the hero of Richard Drive, as he cares for everyone as a loving hero. He usually a jerk to his little brother Jerome sometimes and has a lot of affection for his (former) girlfriend, Christine Primavero.

He is currently a hot-headed, selfish Inkling who is known as the scrappy of the SplatSource community, who refused to take the criticism and tries to justify the critics his poorly-rated animations known as "comic dubs". After Joxic uploaded a video of him, educating community members of his past commitments, he would reach his breaking point and decides to leave the community for the second time, and remained exile for good.

Backstory (Inksona)

After he left the community, his Inksona was arrested for faking his suicide and spent several months at the mental institute for a slow recovery of his mental state. One and a half year later, he's officially been released from the institute by his parents.


  • His friends



  • Criticism



  • Christine Primavero (formerly)
  • Kelsey Cuttlefish (formerly)
  • Jerome Jackson
  • Alina "A.J." Jackson
  • Jessica Eisley
  • RudyOctolingVA (formerly)
  • Alpha Swan (formerly)
  • T-Zelda (formerly)
  • Clauds (formerly)
  • Ralph Skipper (formerly)
  • Skylar Karategirl (formerly)
  • Callie (formerly)
  • Marie (formerly)


  • RudyOctolingVA
  • Alpha Swan
  • T-Zelda
  • Clauds
  • Ralph Skipper



Christine Primavero

Christine is BJ's former lover and the former member of the Splatastic Four. Their relationship was destroyed after he faked his own suicide. This prompted her to move to Southern Rockford.

Jerome Jackson

Jerome is BJ's little brother and one of the members of the Splatastic Four. After he's released from the mental institution, he apologized to his younger brother for being harsh on him for two years. Even after he apologized, his family continues to become hostile to him.

Jessica Eisley

A friend of BJ and one of the members of the Splatastic Four.

Alina Jackson

A biological sister of BJ and Jerome. The original creator of the character, DarkMario2, began to disapprove of her, as he still holds ownership of the OC's name. So he decided to change her nickname to A.J. to avoid his dispute with Darkness's character.

Rosalie Jackson

BJ and Christine's daughter from the future. The character was first created by Princess Scarlet Angel Chan-1996, BJ's former "friend".

Jolene Jackson

Jerome and Jessica's daughter from the future. But ever since Christine stopped dating BJ due to his intoxicating behavior, her fate was left uncertain.

DJ Kane

DJ Kane is the older cousin of both BJ and Jerome. He was originally going to be the main antagonist of Idols Of Inkopolis (along with the Tomboy Sisters) but that idea was scrapped when Clauds and Ghost severed their relationship with BJ. He and the Tomboy Sisters are currently owned by The Skylanders Avengers.

Relationships (IRL)


BJ started to harass RudyOctokidGamerVA and T-Zelda after they severed ties with him. This would draw the attention of her friend, TCS, who angrily retaliated by calling him out on a tweet with the hashtag ''#EndBrianJackson''. This was the final nail in the ''coffin'' of BJ's career.

Some months later, he had a long conversation with him on Steam, stating that BJ ''is now a changed man and has apologized to the community.'' He apologized to everyone for being too personal about ending his career.

Hypnotize Hotaru

This began with Hotaru simply giving out criticism to him in 2018, essentially having people watch his every action. But as he got worse, Hotaru began to call him out on his actions (to no avail).

But after wasting it, Hotaru told him ''there will be no amends'' and that ''the end happened to him.'' as by interrogating him through a group chat, in a voice chat amongst snapping at him.

His temporary departure negatively impacted the Splatoon GMOD/SFM sub-community.


LolAttack's review series Animation Analysis started with a review of Special Eggnog, which he heavily criticized for the animation, writing, and humor, giving it a 3/10. This initially angered BJ, but he talked things out with LolAttack and said that he would improve his videos. A few months later, LolAttack made a follow-up video co-starring LizzieRatcicle and reviewing Callie's Pet Lobster, where he called it "a carbon copy of a Simpsons episode" and giving it a 1/10. This REALLY set BJ off. During the first episode of Animation Analysis Live, he reviewed WAITER!!! and gave it a 2/10.

LolAttack has additionally reviewed BJ's ''last'' animation, Hanging Out With Rudy, which he called "a disgrace to the industry" and gave a 0/10.

Kelsey Cuttlefish

His new and actual girlfriend ever since he came back to the community. But since T0xic uploaded a video of him, Kelsey desperately tries to defend her boyfriend and began to rants on Clauds for being Australian. She broke up with him in April 2021, since she can't handle this drama.

Skylar Karategirl

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Animated Appearances

  • Wet Ralph
  • Callie's Pet Lobster
  • WAITER!!!
  • Hanging Out With Rudy
  • BJ Returns (cancelled)

Animated Appearances (Fanmade)

  • Vacation Nightmare!
  • Hanging Out With Bruce (post-retirement)

Poster Appearances (by Creator Names)


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