Ellie Godelia is a female Inktoling and the inksona of a Squidtuber of the same name.

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As an Inktoling, she has long purple Inkling tentacle hair, purple Octoling eyelids, pale skin, and brown eyes.

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Backstory (Inksona) Edit

Backstory (IRL) Edit

Despite her retirement, they continues to use her Inksona, due to her loss of interest to Splatoon.

On June 29, 2020, she made an apology video, but several people aren't buying it for her past actions, due to her uncontrollable lust and her loss of words for an apology. She set her apology video to private, knowing she received bad reception.

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Friends Edit

  • Clauds (formerly)
  • AwesomeJCR
  • Geofcraze634
  • Tina Clementine / RockRage8962

Enemies Edit

  • Heavy The Squid

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