Emily Mason is a Female Inkling, and the inksona of a plushtuber, deviantartist and community member called CuteYoshilover.


She is a Fucsia Inkling with tan skin and lavender eyes. She wears a (purple-tinted) SQUID GIRL hat, a Fucsia SQUID GIRL tunic and a pair of Pink Trainers.


She is playful, cheeky, and adventure-loving. She loves Yoshi and making friends. She also protects anyone that's her friend, no matter what. She is known to have autism as well, which causes her to do things differently from other people.


Emily was raised at an orphanage as a child, but no one wanted to adopt her. So when she was 8 she ran away from the orphanage and ended up in a forest. While in the forest she found a magic gem which gave her a lot of magic powers. She soon found a home nearby and settled in.

As time passed, she began to form many friendships, even with the big animators of the community. She also got involved in many adventures with them!

Backstory (IRL)

It all started when Cansin was a true friend back in 2015 where he showed Emily a cool game you all know "Splatoon". It got her interested to see if she could be a inkling too! So when she saw the GMOD Splatoon videos, she wanted to see how she would be for Splatoon. The 1st Splatoon user she knew about was ASpider25 and 2 of his best friends, the voices of Blue and Orange (Or Agent Blue and Agent Orange). However, back in 2015, she was still 13 so she wasn't 100% inkling yet. But then when she was 14 back on Janunary the 1st 2016, she knew she was ready to be a inkling friend to all! And when Emily arrived, she knew it was time for some inky friends. 

But before Emily joined the Splatoon community, something shocking had happened. Cansin started to get mad at Emily because of her over love, upsetting her. She managed to break up with Cansin before he could do anymore harm to her.

It may seem upsetting at first, but then she found Jay, an Inktoling. Jay was autistic as she is, and he was a lot nicer, too. So then, Jay and Emily were in a relationship.

Months later, as the ship went on, Emily later found a sweet inkling named Alonso. She then decided to be on a triple ship with the inkling. Then she met Brad Sega, Kevin, and TheExtremeGamer. After spending time with her, Emily decided to have 5 boyfriends. "Emily X Jay", "Emily X Alonso", "Emily X Brad", "Emily X Kevin", and "Emily X TexG".


Aside from singing talent her race's physical abilities, her ink color can change depending on her emotions (if she's sad, her ink will turn blue), and she can control her tentacle hair. She also has the following abilities:

Magic Powers

  • Healing: She can heal anyone quickly (including herself).
  • She has the following modes and forms: Inkranger Mode, Holy Mode, Ninja Mode, Virus Mode, Yoshi Form, Evee Form, Pony Form and Fluffle Pony Form.
  • Rainbow Powers as a form of self-defense.
  • Flight Powers
  • She is one of the guardians of the Star Souls.


She owns a Krak-On Splat Roller.


Aside from sharing her race's physical weaknesses, she has a few weaknesses, both magical and emotional.

Although she has a relatively calm and happy mood most of the time, she is very fragile. She can freak out when stumbling upon fights and try to break them. She can get easily depressed (and go in denial) when something changes or when she can't do something she desperately wants to do (F.E; revive someone who has died).

Whenever one of her friends/lovers die, or when she's driven to her limits, she can automatically transform into her Virus Mode.

She tends to get curious with unknown people who attract her attention, only reacting when that person attacks or threatens her.




Fears and Phobias


  • TheExtremeGamer (4th boyfriend)
  • Jay (1st boyfriend)
  • Alonso (2nd boyfriend)
  • Brad Sega (3rd and current boyfriend)
  • Kevin (5th boyfriend)
  • Theta Rex (6th boyfriend)
  • Riya Mobin
  • RudyOctokidGamerVA
  • Mcshreddys2000 (or Cian)


  • DJ Octavio
  • Bowser
  • Anyone that threatens her lovers/friends
  • King K. Rool
  • Shadow Squid
  • Dark Squid
  • Dark Octopus
  • Major Octoling



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