Maeka is a Female Inkling, and the inksona of a deviantartist, and splanimator named Maeka ENDERFOX.


Maeka is an Inkling with green ink color, pale skin, and green eyes. She wears a Pilot Goggles, a Camo Zip Hoodie, and Blue Moto Boots.


She is a curious, shy, kind, and happy girl. However, she lives in fear of a demon inside her (named Arima) taking over and massacring the Inkopolitan civilization.

But not all of her life has been doom & gloom. Raita's spirit (Raita is Maeka’s deceased brother) makes sure to protect her from Arima every day.

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Maeka has a painful past. When she was little, she always got harassed by the bullies. Okuro found her alone in a place, and then he punch and kick her and call her a monster. When he left her alone injured, Maeka cry because nobody in Inkopolis like her. Then, she had a convulsions and trauma in her brain. The demon named Arima born inside Maeka, and she take over Maeka for life.

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