RudyOctolingVA is an Octoling demon and the Octosona of an animator, voice actor, and community member called RudyOctolingVA.

Unlike the rest of the hostile Octolings, Rudy is one of the few friendly Octolings and one of the few autistic people in the Splatoon community. She points out that her Octosona has been innocent ever since she was born. 


Rudy is a demon Octoling, but it's unknown what demon type she is, so she is currently thinking about it.

She has tan skin ("Skin 3" in Splatoon 1 and 2), has blue eyes (Vertical demon pupils), has light purple hair (Which is unrelated to her ink color),

She wears Retro Specs, a Zekko Hoodie, tight Capri sweatpants, and a pair of Blue Laceless Dakroniks (along with a pair of light-gray socks).

For her full demon form, her eye sclera changes to magenta. More details coming soon.

As of August 9th, 2020, Rudy sprouted a pair of wings (TF2 Whizzy Wings for now), but she will reveal the backstory on that soon.


According to the Nintendo 3DS game, Tomodachi Life, Rudy is an Independent Artist, but in real life, she is actually very nice, autistic, very caring, calm, really lazy, and somewhat weird, but overall she is a big softie.

Rudy might be the calm and timider Octoling, but she's always ready for anything fun. Her love of music, video games, etc. and a knack for video making makes her a perfect companion.

But she has a full demon form that is only triggered by either stress or anger.

Backstory (Octosona)

Rudy was born as a demon Octoling on October 8th, 12002. She was born to her mother and her father.



  • Singing - Rudy loves singing so much since she was in middle school, she took Chorus, in 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade, 3 times in a row and she passed 3 times in a row! She now sings to her favorite music whenever she all by herself or in the car with either her mother and/or father.
  • Voice Acting - Inspired by Kellen Goff (Voice of Funtime Freddy in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location), and many other of her favorite voice actors, Rudy reveals her voice in "Madling 2", a sequel to "The Madling" created by her friend, BezierToon (Now deleted). She later appears in (formerly, to be re-added) TheExtremeAnimator, Jacktropolis (Formerly), and TehCanadianSpartan (Formerly)'s videos. It's unknown what video she will voice in next.


Rudy mainly used the Hero Roller Replica a lot, but when Splatoon 2 released and on July 21st, 2017, she now has a variety of weapons she uses, but according to her, it's "kind of a long list".

Magical Abilities

  • Full Demon TransformationInspired by Hazbin Hotel, Rudy has a full demon form that her Octosona has along with her normal form. Just like in Hazbin Hotel, she can easily transform into her Full Demon form and back to her Default form with little to no effort, but for her, it's only caused by either her stress or her anger.

Please click here for more details about the demons and their "full demon" forms in Hazbin Hotel.





Fears and Phobias


  • Alyssa Lowers
  • TehCanadianSpartan


  • Heavy The Squid
  • VinedPeach
  • Mondy Manjy
  • Jacktropolis (Broke up with her)



Alyssa Lowers

Alyssa Lowers is Rudy's real-life best friend.

When Rudy started 10th grade with her back at the end of August in 2018, she found out that Lowers was in 3 of her classes. She may be a hard person to understand while Rudy's trying to do her thing and/or do her work, but she is a true sweetheart to Rudy. And not only that, they eat lunch together!

They have conversations and chill out, and not only that, Rudy showed Alyssa WarioWare Gold on her New Nintendo 3DS XL (Galaxy Style) when they first met. It's unknown what Rudy and Alyssa go together like, but Rudy is currently thinking she and Alyssa are like Sam and Max from the Sam & Max series.

To this day, Rudy and Alyssa really want to be foster sisters because they share a strong bond with each other, but it's not approved yet. So they have to wait until it's time.


TehCanadianSpartan is Rudy's online best friend.

When TCS joined the Splatoon community, he and Rudy met through a voice chat on Discord.

Animated Appearances (Official)

Poster Appearances (Official)

Animated Appearances (Fanmade)

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Trivia (Things To Know)

  • She was born in October 8, 2002.
  • Has been autistic ever since 2005.
  • Has an uncontrollable love for chocolate milk, cheese pizza (From Domino's), red apples, etc.
  • She has a lot of YouTubers she's a fan of, but she can't name them all, but she's mostly a fan of DAGames and VanossGaming.
  • Rudy actually met one of her favorite voice actors, who is Kellen Goff, the voice of Funtime Freddy in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location in person for the very first time and Goff actually remembered her because of the friendly stuff she gave to him on Twitter.
  • She not only owns a Wii U, but also a Wii, a New Nintendo 3DS XL (Galaxy Style), Nintendo DS, a Game Boy Advance, a Game Boy Color, and a Nintendo Switch.
  • Rudy's Splatoon persona used to be an Inkling, but after seeing the Octo Expansion reveal (With her sister), she instantly became an Octoling, which became her final form, for good. She also refuses to change back to an Inkling at any costs, but will use her old (Now redux) Inksona as an alternate dimension counter.
  • After she became depressed about Jacktropolis' retirement, her personality changed.
  • On February 27th, 2020, Rudy reveals that her Splatoon persona is a demon, type not revealed, and says that her persona was keeping a secret from her friends the whole time. She also says that her new form is inspired by Hazbin Hotel, an adult YouTube series by the YouTuber, Vivziepop, and DarkMario's demon content on DeviantArt.
  • On April 25th, 2020, Rudy rebranded her online alias from 'RudyOctokidGamerVA' to 'RudyOctolingVA'.
  • On July 9th, 2020 (Her mother's 50th birthday), Jacktropolis broke up with Rudy, with the reason being a secret, which leads to her into depression with a week, with 2 days as well, of keeping the ordeal a secret from her family and her friends. After those 9 days of silence, she told her mother what happened and after a while was ready to tell her friends. Rudy moved on from the relationship and breakup afterward, but she still blames herself for ignoring her friends' doubts about Jack and wishes she should have listened to her friends in the first place and felt like they weren't worried about Jack breaking up with her and didn't care the whole time.
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