TehCanadianSpartan (commonly known as TCS) is a Female Dumbo Octoling and the Octosona of a former GMOD Splanimator of the same name.

TCS is one of the few autistic people in the Splatoon community.


TehCanadianSpartan (Nickname: TCS) is a Canadian male Squidtuber who's always there to brighten up someone's day.


TCS is a blue Octoling with grey eyes who wears a Blue Tentatek Tee and a pair of School Shoes.


TCS is openly optimistic and caring towards anyone, but she will start causing trouble towards people that she dislikes on a regular basis. She is a tomboy who longs for adventure and spending time with her friends. She has autism, which means she does things differently than others normally would. She's quite the wacky individual, by the way. She also has a strong love for pretzels.


Backstory (IRL)

TehCanadianSpartan first joined in ???? of ???? as a Sparta Remix

Recently, it has been confirmed that he will leave the Splatoon community after the 3rd episode of his GMOD Series; Daily Life of Three Agents.

However, due to the pressure of stubborn fans (and probably the cancel culture rave on Twitter), he immediately retired.


She has no special abilities.


  • Melee:
  • Ranged:


She shares the same weaknesses as any other octoling.








Relationships (F)

Alex Spider (スパイダー)

Alex and TCS met each other in early 2019. He made an appearance in ASpider25's video, Moments at Turf Wars.


One of his friends. He featured her as the voice of the Squid Sisters in "Daily Life of Three Agents".


Rudy is TCS's best friend. They have first met through a voice chat on Discord in March 2019. He features her in an animated GMOD short, Tale of Two Octolings, along with his Octoling OC, Jackie. But their relationship is tearing apart, when TCS retired from animating. Rudy would manipulate him to come back to animating.

Skylar Karategirl

Skylar is TCS's first girlfriend (the first one being fake). This is TCS's first relationship, which means this relationship has actual feelings involved. Both of them knew each other since June 2019 and have been close friends ever since. They have been there for each other for quite a while. After Skylar and her boyfriend broke up due to personal reasons, TCS was there for her as she was there for him. They have been dating since September 17th, 2019. They broke up in March and are taking a break from the relationship.

Relationships (E)


Desperate looking for a relationship, he met a 19-year old girl named Peachy. They started that relationship in July, including featuring her in his videos, but it turns out two months later, Peachy was merely an actor and the relationship was nothing more but fake. After the downfall, TCS has decided to take a hiatus.

Brian Jackson II

After BJ left the community, he had a long conversation with him via private message on Steam, stating BJ is now a changed man and has apologized to the community. He apologizes to everyone for being too personally about ending his career.

Animated Appearances

Animated Appearances (Fanmade)

Poster Appearances

Poster Appearances (Fanmade)


  • TehCanadianSpartan is one of the few Canadian Squidtubers, along Danielle Inkling, Michicookies, Octo Luna, Viantastic, and GG Gabriel Gaming.
  • TehCanadianSpartan was born on December 18th, 1998, he shares the same birthday as Alex Spider.
  • TehCanadianSpartan briefly joined the Splatoon GMOD community back in August of 2018 before working on original content later on.
  • TehCanadianSpartan made his official comeback to the Splatoon GMOD community in early March of 2019.
  • TehCanadianSpartan took a 3 month hiatus from September 7th to November 22nd 2019 due to drama surrounding him.
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