We're moving our base to Splanimations Archives!

With the reorganization of our multiple branches, we've decided to move our main operations to The Splanimations Wiki, now dubbed The Splanimations Archives, which is also where we intend on creating articles more based around the creators, their animations, and all the history events that helped build this community.

As for this wiki, we are renaming in the Sonassier, which will remain a sub-branch of the Splanimations Archives that focuses solely on information regarding the inksonas, octosonas, and inktosonas of several creators, in and out of the animation community. Nevertheless, this branch will always remain the founding branch, as the first and oldest branch we've created.

This wiki was created by WindowsHyperstar1000.

For other branches, visit

  • Splanimations - The main branch for all Splanimators and their personal lives, videos, and identities.
  • OCbrary - For all OCs created by Splatoon community creators.
  • Yusakuverse - For all all the content centered around Yusaku Itou.
  • MMFL - For all the content centered around MonsterMasterFightingLucario.
  • Jeiceverse - For all all the content centered around Jeice the Octo.
  • Spleak Database - For all OCs inspired by Freaks and Monsters from both the GMOD Freakshow and the TF2 Freakshow.
  • Madnessverse
  • Huntrexverse - For all OCs created by Huntrex117.

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