Violet is a Female Inkling and the Inksona of a former Splanimator of the same name.

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On Christmas Eve of 2018, he made his first video since May 11, 2018.

On July 30, 2019, he has lost motivation of making GMOD animations and started a gaming channel featuring Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with a randomizer mod, but has made a promise that once he beats the Adventure mode, he will return to his main channel. After completing Adventure mode, all his videos temporarily sets to unlisted and continues using his gaming channel, they are set to public once again.

In a DeviantArt post on his birthday, Violet stated he was done making animations and didn't feel like being part of the Splatoon community anymore.


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  • He joins YouTube on December 2, 2013 just before he uploads his first video on February 25, 2016.
  • Despite stating so in a Q&A video and his voice being heard in his VRChat videos, many still believe Violet is a girl.
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