XdMario91 is a Male Inkling, and one of TheExtremeGamer's new allies.

He's a well-known Inkopolis member.


He is a Cyan Inkling with Brown Eyes. He wears a Blue Camo Mesh, a Lime Ski Jacket and a pair of Red Hi-Tops. He also wears Cyan Retro Specs.


He's pretty friendly and he likes to do silly, fun and nice things as well. He's a Adventure-Lover, and he likes to hangout with young people like Emily and Alonso. Same with other young ones.


He uses the Splattershot Jr., Splattershot, Splat Dualies and the Aerospray.


  • Unnamed Rage ability: He can summon a Comet Rain when he's angered. His body also sparkles and his eyes glow yellow.


  • He has the same strength of any inkling, so he can be splatted easily like a normal inkling.


  • 123emilymason (CuteYoshiLover2017/2018)
  • AlonsoA1102
  • ega-indo-paint
  • Eliteface640
  • fnafplayer64
  • Mr-Splathunter
  • brandygotfanss
  • Xpert03
  • algmusic01
  • lenny-ferret
  • totembandicoot 
  • benmarcgold
  • Huntrex117 
  • KellenLegendary
  • William464
  • 31Darkstar
  • Agent-Hero
  • Seantheinkling
  • Brad Sega
  • TheExtremeGamer (Me, WindowsHyperstar1000.)
  • RudySquidKidGamerVA
  • Heavy The Squid
  • MrMadness02
  • Mcshreddys2000
  • Zeldaboy14


  • DJ Octavio
  • Anyone that messes with him
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